7 Half-Baked NBA Playoff Predictions From Identical Twin Stoner Comics, the Lucas Brothers

“Shaq will finally follow-up ‘Kazaam’ with a sequel that no one wished for.”

Photo: Lindsey Byrnes

Kenny and Keith Lucas, known by their fans as the Lucas Bros, are not only one of comedy’s most likable acts—they are also seriously funny. 

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From their cameo in 22 Jump Street to their popular FXX animation series, Lucas Bros. Moving Co., the identical twins’ deadpan delivery, combined with their stoner demeanor, never fails to crack audiences up.

In their upcoming Netflix stand-up special, Lucas Bros: On Drugs, Kenny and Keith take the stage in Brooklyn and dish out their takes on topics like race, O.J. Simpson, school teachers, and, of course, drugs. 

Lucas Bros: On Drugs will be available to stream on Netflix beginning April 18. To get a taste of the clever commentary you can expect from their tag team set, check out these seven side-splitting NBA predictions courtesy of the guys themselves. 

1. The Brooklyn Nets will not win a NBA championship in our lifetime. Even if we die, and come back in different form, the Nets will not win a championship. God bless Biggie, though.

2. Russell Westbrook will be the sole villain in the new Space Jam movie. Unlike the first movie, Westbrook will travel through space and time to find aliens to help enhance his powers.

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3. Someone will make a free throw. Someone will miss one. It’s all a matter of perspective.

4. A large number of black dudes will make more than a million dollars next year.

5. Shaq will finally follow-up Kazaam with a sequel that no one wished for.

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6. Charles Oakley will punch LaVar Ball.

7. Golden State will win the championship, KD will celebrate, then Westbrook will crash the celebration, and kill everyone with his new alien powers.