This Weird ‘Luke Cage’ and ‘Family Matters’ Mash-up Actually Makes Sense

We don’t know why, either.

Luke Cage might be filled with gritty tales of a badass bulletproof crime fighter on the hard, gangster-ridden streets of Harlem, but this re-imagining of the title sequence with the theme song and look from the opening credits to Family Matters works eerily well. 

YouTube user Zach Ace picked clips from Netflix’s Luke Cage superhero series depicting the show’s characters having a good time and smiling, then spliced them in between scenes from the corny cityscape that ran in the opening credits of seemingly every 80s-90s sitcom, including Family Matters. 

Intuition would say that the mashup of a violent modern Netflix series and a cheesy, nearly 30-year-old family show should yield a clunky juxtaposition, but not when it’s this well done. We’d watch this show.

h/t Gizmodo