Luke Skywalker’s Original ‘Star Wars’ Lightsaber Is Going Up For Auction

The famous movie prop could sell for as much as $200,000.

Star Wars/Screengrab

If you love Star Wars so much you’re ready to mortgage your house for some historic schwag, then this is the auction for you: one of Luke Skywalker’s lightsabers from the first movie is going on the block.

In the end, it may go for up to $200,000.

The prop was indeed used in A New Hope and the Profiles in History auction house will put it on the block with other famed objects between Dec. 11 and 13 in LA, reports Page Six. There’s a funny wrinkle in the story, though: No less than Mark Hamill himself threw some cold water on the news.

Hamill made it clear in responding to a tweeted question, however, that he wasn’t calling shenanigans on the auction house.

It’s real, then, only it’s one of many real lightsabers. 

So the one you need to watch out for is any lightsaber that the seller says is fully functional and ready to battle the Sith. That one would be awesome, but it’d probably be fake. Probably.