Lululemon’s Case For Drunk Yoga

Because we need alcohol if we’re going to downward dog.

Lululemon is sort of weird, we’ll admit. They’ve got that logo that may or may not be a woman’s hair and they are practically known for yoga pants,  but are now hoping dudes will start buying their products. At the same time, we’re all for a company that looks out for the safety of our balls. Now the company is hoping that while you’re enjoying your intact testicles during your next work out, you’ll also be enjoying a nice brew.

Yeah, you read that right: Lululemon beer.  Sure, the craft creation has an interesting name (“Curiosity Lager”) and some frilly, , but it’s beer! We’ll admit, it’s coming on the low end for alcohol content at 4.6, but pair chinook and lemon drop hops with a rich, creamy head, and we’ll definitely give that a try.

Sadly, the North American Premium Lager is only going to be available in Canada. But if you’re headed up that way any time soon, grab a few cans for us because there’s only going to be 88,000 produced. And as for whether we should expect shipments stateside any time soon, the Lululemon Global Events Manager Travis McKenzie says, “At this time, we’re taking it one day at a time – this collaboration is a limited release for 2015, but you never know what we’ll be ‘cheers-ing’ to in 2016.”

Photos by Lululemon