Lupe Fiasco Has Ferrari Fever

The hip-hop superstar talks about cars, racing, and driving from LA to Vegas.

The hip-hop superstar talks about cars, racing, and driving from LA to Vegas.

Tell us about your Ferraris.

It’s a love-hate relationship. The Ferrari is a wonderful machine. It just has so much passion, soul, and mystique; it’s the ultimate car. But with that said, they are some of the worst motherfucking cars on the face of the planet when it comes to certain things. They call them “garage queens” because they look great, but when you’re actually in the car you’re terrified. 

Do you own many? 

I’ve got four. My first was a used 575M Maranello. I immediately took it from L.A. to Vegas, driving through Death Valley with the music banging and the windows down. And I did the speed limit the whole way—I swear! We believe you! 

Which one do you have here?

That’s my 400i. It’s the best and worst car I’ve ever had. I had to start the engine with brake cleaner and keep the hood open with a baseball bat. Once it was fixed up, the mechanic told me, “Do not drive this car, because it is a death trap.” It is nice to look at… This is the only thing I’m truly materialistic about. Every time I come downstairs and look in my garage and see that blue monster sitting there, it’s just a work of art, man. I look at it, and I’m like, “Yes, that shit is dope.” 

Do you ever race? 

I race my guitar player. He’s got a GT Mustang. I actually raced him and my assistant, who was in another one of my cars. I said, “Let’s just do this. Let’s race!” We left the studio, then my car fishtailed and I almost died. It’s definitely a car you have to respect or it’ll kill you. 

Lupe’s latest album, Lasers, is out now.