If You Bought Lupe Fiasco’s Lasers Album, Send It Back to Him So He Can Destroy It With an Actual Laser

The rapper’s wish is to “unmake” his third release, which haunts him. 

Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco made a laser related call to action on his Facebook page yesterday. Gaining inspiration from watching the ATARI E.T. documentary, Fiasco offered up the opportunity for people to send him purchased copies of his not too great third album, Lasers, to have it be destroyed by an actual laser. No refund or apology for making the album. Just pure laser removal.

Lasers was released in 2011  and received mixed reviews that are apparently haunting Fiasco to no end. PopMatters reviewed the album on March 9, 2011 calling it “just a disgustingly awkward effort from everyone involved,” and Complex ran an interview with Fiasco titled “Lupe Fiasco Hates His Own Album,” where the rapper is quoted as saying: “I hate this album.” 

Let’s all collectively hope that Fiasco finds the peace he’s searching for, and that he doesn’t call his next album Dirty Bomb, or Sea of Hell Fire, because then we’re all in trouble. Lasers are one thing, but we don’t want to have to evacuate if his next return policy includes anything more extreme. 

Photos by Don Arnold/WireImage