‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Black And White Edition Is Coming to Home Video

It’s the way director George Miller wanted us to see it.

Critics and audiences alike lapped up the dystopian brilliance of last year’s Oscar-winning Mad Max: Fury Road, but it turns out we weren’t even watching the version that director George Miller wanted to release. 

Miller’s favorite Fury Road is filmed in stark, striking black and white, and now the “Black and Chrome” edition is finally headed to home video as part of a just-announced Blu-Ray box set. The high-contrast print was first used by the film’s sound and music crews during post-production, and was later dubbed “very, very powerful” by Miller, reports Games Radar. 

But the director didn’t push for a theatrical release of the color-less version because he didn’t think Warner Bros. would agree to it. Take a look at a black and white take on the Fury Road trailer here:

So when can we expect to see a black and white Fury Road in its entirety? Amazon Germany recently listed a a box set, Mad Max: High Octane Collection, that includes all four Mad Max movies as well as the Black and Chrome Fury Road as a bonus feature. Unfortunately, it’s not available until September 2016, but The Wrap reports that a similar version is in the works for U.S. audiences, though no dates have been announced.

It may take a while, but Fury Road fanatics should finally get to watch the movie in all its black and white glory in the months to come.