Check Out This CGI-less Supercut of ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ in All Its Explosive Glory


If you saw Mad Max: Fury Road (and we really hope you did), you probably didn’t leave thinking, “I wish there were more explosions.” 2015’s dystopian thriller almost felt like one giant 120 minute-long action sequence packed to the brim with crazed high-octane car chases… most of which ended in spectacular explosions. 

The film took one of its six Oscar wins for Best Visual Effects, but this supercut of pre-production sequences showing the raw CGI-less footage serves to prove an important point: CGI effects can only take a flick so far. Without a solid foundation of shots featuring real people teetering 20 feet above war machines on a demolition derby-style escapade through a barren desert, we doubt the film would have looked nearly as impressive.