Madonna Has Officially Gone Bananas

Hide your rappers, hide your DJs, hide everyone. 

Madonna has made a career out of shocking people, but maybe she’s milked that tactic for all it’s worth.

Recent memorable antics like her kiss with Britney Spears at the 2003 MTV VMA’s, her late in life decision to get gold grills, her unfortunate kiss/diss with Drake, were approaching a line in the proverbial sand, but simulating sex on Diplo with a banana? That crosses over it. Especially if you’re in Diplo’s shoes.

During the opening night performance of her Rebel Heart tour in Montreal, Madge surprised the crowd by bringing Diplo on stage, and then REALLY surprised him by whipping out a banana and, well, just watch the video.

“So many things you can do with a banana, right guys?” Madonna says after offering Diplo the offending banana and sending him off the stage. Poor guy. He’ll never be able to enjoy a bowl of cereal or a fitness smoothie in quite the same way again.