Major Lazer is the Stoner Superhero We Both Want and Need

The animated series, based on the popular dancehall group, will arrive on your television sets right in time for 4/20.

The time is right for a Jamaican superhero. Or at least, a Jamaican superhero birthed from the mind of south Florida DJ Diplo. In two weeks time, FXX will unveil Major Lazer, the cartoon hero of one of the most successful and strangest artistic endeavors currently dominating dorm rooms everywhere. 

Since its beginnings in 2009, the amorphous dancehall project Major Lazer has flirted with reggae, EDM, and straight party music, all while serving the creative whims of Diplo as he went from MIA’s creative partner to a cultural and corporate force, shilling cell phones and beats at major clubs across the world. Since its inception, Major Lazer has always been depicted as a Jamaican superhero with a laser for a right arm. The new cartoon fleshes out his back story, replete with vampires, baddies, and enough weed to keep Hampshire College stoned well past finals. Simply put, this looks amazing.

Keep it goin’ louder, Diplo.