The Major Movie Mashup Mania of “Uptown Funk”

Just when you thought you would never listen to the song ever again. 

Uptown Funk” was one of the biggest songs of the year, and perhaps one of the more memorable songs of this decade. But you might never hear it the same after you watch this mashup, which compiles scenes from 280 movies to sing along to “Uptown Funk.” Youtuber “dondrapersayswhat” says it took three months to make, and it’s a “straight up masterpiece”. It features lines from hit movies such as Pulp Fiction, Spaceballs, The Godfather, Tropic Thunder, The Breakfast Club, and many more. It also features some awesome dance scenes from Napoleon Dynamite, Airplane, and Back to the Future. This may be the most epic movie mashup ever. Don’t believe us? Just watch.