‘Making a Murderer’ Lawyer Dean Strang Is Shopping His Own Series

Because of course he is.


Newly minted celebrity law personality Dean Strang is extending his 15 minutes of Making a Murderer fame into a TV vehicle of his own — an eight-episode series in which the former Steven Avery defense lawyer will dissect unidentified legal cases. From Deadline:

Road To Justice will investigate big legal cases that demonstrate major flaws in the criminal justice system. It will be shot in vérité style similar to Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown.

Hmm. Does this mean that we will see Strang swallow a live cobra’s heart while investigating a possible wrongful conviction? Hope so. Strang has not shied away from publicity since Netflix’s Making a Murderer docuseries became a huge hit earlier this year (though much of the buzz around the series was a question of whether the filmmakers presented a biased view of Avery’s murder conviction). Strang and his co-attorney on the Avery case, Jerry Buting, emerged as the heroes of the series, for their valiant attempts to give Avery a fair trial despite the perception of corruption on stonewalling from the local police and the prosecution. 

“Through his captivating work as Steven Avery’s defense attorney that we encountered in Making A Murderer, Dean Strang has become a leading voice in the fight for justice,” Saul Goldberg, the head of unscripted content for the newly established production house Covert Media, told Deadline. “We are thrilled to be working with Dean on this landmark series that will shine a light on many other extraordinary cases where the criminal justice system has failed.”

Avenge away!