Mandarine Napoleon Liqueur

Short, mean guys gotta drink too!

It’s a Napoleon Bonaparte-inspired booze! Really! Welcome, Mandarine Napoleon

Cognac and mandarins from Sicily and Corsica are in a beautiful marriage with each other in this ten-year-old liqueur from the Netherlands.

Mandarine is sweet, complex, spicy, and very rich. It also compliments rye whisky, vodka, and gin very beautifully (we know by experience, and yum!) In fact, we recommend it paired with gin and whisky to tame its sweetness. 

This blend was made especially for Napoleon Bonaparte and was released to the public after his death. ​The 76 Proof, all-natural Mandarine Napoleon comes from the legendary DeKuyper family, who were given the title “Royal” in 1995 on their 300th anniversary. So if you drink this, you’re basically a prince. 

Don’t quote us on that.

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