These Exercising Victoria's Secret Models Just Destroyed the 'Mannequin Challenge'

Watch them add the sexy to this viral trend.
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While they were deep into their workouts for the upcoming Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Paris, some VS models-in-training hit us with the social media craze of the moment: the mannequin challenge

If your mind has been elsewhere (on elections, perhaps) and not on all-important Instagram fads, then let us bring you up to speed. For this "challenge," participants, ideally in large numbers, freeze frame in awkward poses on video for long stretches of time. This, of course, leaves the impression of a mannequin, doubly so when it's performed by preternaturally perfect-looking lingerie models.

But these girls are just the latest to meet the buzzy social media challenge. Sports teams, like the Denver Broncos, and cooky high school kids alike have also pounced on the trend.

See our 10 favorite below:

Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders

Miami Dolphins

Denver Broncos

Colorado State University (CSU) Cheerleaders

The entire NXT wrestling roster

Hillary Clinton

Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams

This entire football stadium

Army West Point Gymnastics

The Late Late Show with James Corden