The Manning Brothers Go Full Boy Band in Hilarious New Ad

Peyton and Eli channel ‘N Sync in video for DirecTV.

In our 2013 football preview (out next issue) we make the bold prediction that “The Manning Brothers Will Star in Every Other Commercial Airing During NFL Broadcasts This Year.” Well, maybe it wasn’t so bold. After all, Peyton endorses ESPN, Sprint, MasterCard, Reebok, Oreos, and Gatorade, while Eli has Reebok, Citizen Watch, Toyota of New Jersey, Oreos, Samsung, and Gatorade. And, as this pants-wettingly funny clip shows, they both have DirectTV. The video features the brothers dressed in full ’90’s-era boy band regalia (check out Eli’s early-Timberlake ramen afro) as they make their way through the French Quarter singing about watching “Football on Your Phone” (AKA: F.O.Y.P.) Even papa Archie Manning makes an appearance as the family’s Elvis-like patriarch. 

As their previous commercials have shown — to say nothing of their hosting stints on Saturday Night Live — for pretty dorky dudes, the Mannings know how to poke fun at themselves. And it sure as hell beats Tom Brady hawking Uggs.

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