People Can't Stop Photoshopping Margot Robbie's Face Onto Absolutely Everything

This is hysterical.
Margot Robbie Photoshop Promo

In a Photoshop orgy reminiscent of the viral "Crying Jordan" meme from last year, the internet is having a field day splicing Margot Robbie's ecstatic face onto an insane amount of photos. 

The original picture is credited to James Devaney, and was taken in February 2015 during a New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden. Robbie and her new husband Tom Ackerly are simply enjoying the action... what's so funny about that, right? 

Margot Robbie Rangers Game

But using Adobe's magical photo editing tool, folks have gone buck wild editing the Wolf of Wall Street beauty's smiling face where it doesn't quite belong, making for some truly hilarious mash-ups. 

They've made her into Inspector Gadget... 

... a damn good-looking zombie head...

...and even created this ridiculous image depicting Margot delivering a stiff right jab to Ronda Rousey's battered mug at UFC 207. 

And then there's our personal favorite, "Margot atop a T-Rex." 

The original image got tweaked—or degraded—as well. 

And as for Tom Ackerley... he wasn't safe from the rampaging imaginations of amateur photo editors, either. 

Even in these twisted shots, she still manages to look absolutely gorgeous. Big ups, Margot. 

h/t: Bro Bible

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