Margot Robbie Revealed Her Favorite Movie Sex Scene of All Time, And It’s a Classic

What’s your top pick?

margot robbie
Image: Paramount Pictures

In the interview with W magazine below, Margot Robbie and a slew of other actors revealed their favorite cinematic sex scenes. 

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Unsurprisingly, Robbie’s now-immortal romp with Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street wasn’t her top choice. See the video below time-marked at 4:20 for a refresher:

Instead, she went with a raucous scene from 1993’s, True Romance.  

“True Romance… when Alabama and Clarence are in the phone box next to the road,” Robbie recalled. “Best sex scene ever.” 

Seth Rogen predictably went with a comedic choice, citing the puppet-humping in Team America: World Police as his top pick. 

Charlize Theron weighed in with the passionate love making between William Hurt and Kathleen Turner in the 1981 erotic romance, Body Heat. 

I was just a little girl, and I knew there were bits on a boy and bits on a girl, “Theron said. “And I knew her hand was definitely on his bits… It was like, “What?!”

All of their choices are commendable, but we’re not sure any of them compare to this freakishly hot moment between John Cusack and Nicole Kidman in 2012’s The Paperboy.

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