Watch Margot Robbie Totally Transform Into Tonya Harding in First Teaser for ‘I, Tonya’

This is incredible.

Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding
Video Still

Hey, we know Margot Robbie can act. Disappearing into the demented mind of comic book villain Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad wasn’t as simple an acting feat as you’d think, and Robbie was a standout in the cast because she nailed it.

Still, you’d think playing working-class U.S. Olympic skating and kneecapping superstar Tonya Harding would present some challenge to an Aussie who’s been acting professionally since she was 17. If this trailer is any indication, it doesn’t.

Well, the skating might. And as you can see in this new teaser for I, Tonya, Robbie is rocking those skates hard. 

The story in I, Tonya is known and recent history. It portrays all the drama surrounding the assault on Harding’s competitor Nancy Kerrigan, played by Caitlin Carver. Harding’s abusive boyfriend Jeff Gilooly (Winter Soldier star Sebastian Stan) and an accomplice famously attempted to break Kerrigan’s leg at a skating championship in 1994.

The fallout ultimately ended Harding’s legit career and led to her becoming a weird, sad novelty celebrity, participating in both wrestling and boxing matches. 

I, Tonya has already received great word-of-mouth in early previews. Everyone can watch Margot Robbie strap on Tonya Harding’s skates when the movie premieres on December 8.