Meet Your New Favorite Netflix Star in ‘Lady Dynamite’ Trailer

Maria Bamford gets her own show, finally.

Maria Bamford might not be the best-known comic working in Hollywood (not yet, anyway) but those who are familiar with her excruciatingly honest, absurd-yet-totally-relatable humor can’t get enough of the woman who was the only good thing about Arrested Developments tragic fourth season on Netflix

And now Bamford, who made her name as a stand-up who spoke honestly about her struggles with bipolar disorder, has a Netflix series of her own. Lady Dynamite is a hybrid reality-scripted series about Bamford’s rise to success and how it challenged her emotional and mental health.

The best line in the trailer: When a doctor asked if she’s ever been diagnosed with a mental illness, she responds in a sing-song: “You say diagnosis, I say diag-yes-is.” 

Lady Dynamite premieres on Netflix on May 20th.

h/t Women in Hollywood