Mariah Carey Might Play Commissioner Gordon in an Upcoming Batman Movie

Why? Well, why not? 

DC’s Batman franchise has gone through many changes since the introduction of the Caped Crusader in 1939, but we may be on the brink of the wildest one yet. Deadline is reporting that Mariah Carey is in talks to play Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming The Lego Batman Movie, which is Warner Brother’s spinoff of The Lego Movie.  We’ll get to the “why?” part in a minute… 

If you’re rusty on your Batman trivia, the character of Commissioner Gordon is traditionally a man named James Gordon who is a good guy, by Gotham City’s standards, and a close confidant of Batman (aka Bruce Wayne). Throughout the span of the character’s life, he’s been played by Neil Hamilton (the Batman TV series from the sixties), Ben McKenzie (Gotham), Gary Oldman (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rise), and Bryan Cranston (Batman: Year One), among others. The decision to cast a woman in the role for the first time in the character’s history, let alone Mariah Carey, is unclear at this point, but most likely falls into the category of “why the hell not?”

Several classic, male-driven films (Ghostbusters, Oceans 11) are being spun back out with a cast of women stepping into the characters’ well-worn shoes, and The Lego Batman Movie seems to want a chunk of that buzz as well. Provided that this news in not 100% hogwash, it’ll be exciting to see Mariah take on this crime-fighting role. The singer’s take no shit, diva forever, ‘tude could strike fear in the hearts of Gotham’s guilty, and that’s no joke. And just think of the soundtrack!