Marilyn Manson's New Instagram Videos Are Truly Disturbing

Seriously, just take a look at this goddamn weirdness.
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Marilyn Manson Promo

Marilyn Manson's Instagram feed has lately been chock full of some of the most disturbing shit the veteran shock rocker has ever done.

Take these videos, for example. The self-proclaimed "God of Fuck" shot the truly creepy clips in a queasy, handheld style that brings to mind The Blair Witch Project.

Then, he dubbed in audio of sirens and screams over the images of his symbol, the double-barred cross. Pretty freaky, right? 

He captioned one clip, "The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters," which is the title of a famous etching by Spanish painter Francisco Goya, in case you didn't know. 

There's also this eerie sight of a politician's decapitated body, which looks to be from the music video for "SAY10." 

How about some more blood dripping in slow motion onto dimly-lit concrete? You know, the ush.

And then there's whatever the fuck this is supposed to be—we'll leave it "open to interpretation."

He's even managed to desecrate Mickey Mouse by simply slipping on a pair of the cartoon character's ears and cracking a hideous smile. 

Basically, his whole feed is a goth kid's wet dream come to life--on Instagram, at least. 

h/t: Noisey