Mariners Fan Catches Foul Ball In Best Possible Way

The stakes have officially been upped.

The stakes have officially been upped.

In what was a bright spot in an otherwise depressing (as you can tell by the sparsely populated stadium) mid-week duel between the Astros(2-6) and the Mariners (4-5), a brave fan took the foul ball catch to the next level. If you search for “foul ball baby,” you’ll be privy to lots of dudes catching an out-of-play ball while cradling a little life in their clumsy and likely irresponsible hands. But you’ll never see one of those pops chug their child after the catch.

That’s exactly what one forward-minded fan in Seattle did last night (except, you know, not with a baby). You can see him go up with nothing but dark beer cup in hand and come back with a souvenir that will adorn his shelf forever, unless of course, he immediately gives it away – which it kind of looks like he does. But before handing it off he brings down the brew, ball still floating, and hammers it to the deafening cheer of a 1/8th-full ballpark. Does it matter that most of the beer ended up on his sweater/face? We’d say no; even the Wright Brothers didn’t get flight quite right the first time. What matters is that this pioneer has destroyed the barrier on the foul ball game and brought it to newer, drunker heights.

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