Here’s What a ‘Mario Kart’ Race Looks Like In Real Life

Watch as they descend upon a totally unsuspecting mall.

Ever grabbed a bunch of friends and hit the mall while racing on makeshift Mario Karts? Probably not, because you are neither a skilled mechanic nor a person with an inordinate amount of free time on your hands. These people, however, are not like you.

Base37, a group dedicated to BASE jumping and wing suit videos, decided to dress up as popular Mario Kart characters like Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario, Bowser and even Donkey Kong and took to their local Westfield Shopping Mall for a flash mob, Mario Kart style.

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The group careens through the mall as if it were a Cinnabon-laden Rainbow Road, with the Mario of the group at one point tossing a banana peel behind him just like that annoying-as-hell power-up in actual Mario Kart.

It’s genius, really. It’s probably not the safest idea, granted, but pretty awesome nevertheless. 

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