Marshawn Lynch and Gronk Go Head To Severed Head In Mortal Kombat Showdown

Conan pits Beast Mode vs. Gronk in a video game battle to end all battles.

Marshawn Lynch might be “Beast Mode” on the field, but is he just as beastly in the virtual world? Only a day after speaking with Maxim, Marshawn faced off against his on-field opponent, Rob Gronkowski, in a match presided over by comedian Conan O’Brien. Between graphic disembowements and decapitations, Lynch schools O’Brien on the finer points of crotch-grabbing, how best to mash all the buttons together and why Toad is the best player in Mario Kart. Gronk, on the other hand, is every bit as Gronk as one can imagine, a frat boy on the grandest stage of all.