Marshawn Lynch Is the Funniest Football Player Alive in This New Xbox Ad

He’s a man of few words and many commercials. 

If Floyd Mayweather hadn’t already taken the nickname “Money,” we’d bestow it upon Marshawn Lynch. The man simply knows how to get paid.

And not just by beast-moding on the field. He’s cut ads for candy, insurance companies  and local plumbers. He’s got his own clothing line and energy drink. He even made a movie about himself. Pretty damn good for a 29-year-old with a reputation for reticence.

Lynch’s latest foray into commercial acting is in an XBox commercial that shows he’s pretty much the ideal Madden opponent—a talented shit talker and skilled player who wears a complete football uniform to play the game and brings along rodents to distract opponents. Add in his penchant for keeping snacks in his tube socks, and Lynch is pretty much the ideal dude.