Mary Poppins Is About to Get Hot and Jacked

Say hello to the nanny of our dreams.

Emily Blunt is about to trade in her Glock 19 for a good ol’ fashioned magic umbrella.

According to Variety, the Sicario actress is in talks to star in a sequel to the 1964 classic children’s Disney musical, Mary Poppins, in which she’d bring the title character back to life with a 20-year time jump from the original. Blunt put her vocals on blast as the baker’s wife in Into the Woods, but even with an unsurprisingly great set of pipes, her casting seems a little more comical since the 32-year-old Brit’s latest film work has put her more in the ‘BAMF’ category. 

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Don’t get me wrong — I would have no objections if Emily Blunt was my nanny. That would be a supercalafragalisticly fucking great idea. But after witnessing her explosive performance in Edge of Tomorrow and watching her take the lead of an otherwise all-male cast in Sicario, it’s going to be difficult shifting gears from an action-heavy setting to a sing-a-long.

With Blunt pregnant with her second child (damn you, John Krasinski), scheduling for the film has been on pause, but negotiations on casting should be finalized soon. Until then, do your best to imagine Blunt dolling out spoonfuls of sugar in the timeless role, but maybe while donning a 2016 costume upgrade, if you will. 

It’s Hollywood, anything could happen.