Masters Pick 6: Golf Gear To Help Your Game

On the course, or maybe just on the couch.

On the course, or maybe just on the couch.

Maxfli U/6 Golf Balls

Can golf balls really help your game? Well, our SpongeBob balls must not, because we lost ’em all. So last week we tested some grownup balls to see if they can save you some strokes. Turns out the Maxfli U/6—madly composed of six pieces—flew much straighter and higher than range balls off the tee, and they spun nicely around the greens, helping us stop our chip shots closer to the hole.

$44 per dozen,

Kentwool Socks

No Masters winner has done more to raise the profile of a sock maker than Bubba Watson, who loves his Kentwools. The company reciprocated with the “Bubba Green” Masters-themed sock. That’s what we’ll be wearing on Masters Sunday. These super-comfy merino-blends gently caress your feet while keeping them from getting sweaty. TMI?


Adidas Adizero Tour Shoes

You watch a little golf, and you’ll see a lot of these flashy high-tech kicks. Sergio Garcia’s wearing ’em (maybe they helped him climb that tree to find his ball a few weeks ago). So is Brandt Snedeker, one of Maxim’s favorites to win the green jacket. The list goes on, and for good reason: Adizero Tours are ultra-light and springy, and practically project you up the fairway. But they also do what golf shoes are meant to do—give you great stability and traction when you address the ball. 


Rock-A-Feller Cigars

Last Sunday this flashy-dressed dude (see below) joined up with our group for the back nine. After striping one past all our tee shots, he asked, “Anyone care for a Rock-A-Feller?” “Uh, sure,” we replied suspiciously. Then he broke out a handful of mild, even-burning, buttery-finishing Dominican-grown robustos and torpedoes. This begun a birdie-barrage the likes of which the course had never seen! Not really, but the stogies were good.

$5–8 per,

IZOD Perform Golf Shirts

Just because you’re playing at a muni doesn’t mean it’s cool to wear a T-shirt with the sleeves cut off. Class it up and take this tip from upcoming PGA star Scott Piercy: “Looking good makes you feel ready to play.” Take a page from his wardrobe, too, with these IZOD polos. Made of moisture-wicking performance polyester, they’re light, sporty, and eminently at home on any golf course.


Knob Creek Small Batch Rye

Congratulations! You made it to the 19th hole. Now you get to listen to your buddy gas on ad nauseam about his misadventures on that tricky dogleg par 5. A little Knob rye on the rocks will mellow that experience. It’s smooth and spicy, with subtle notes of windswept links course fescue. Also, it’s 100 proof, so sip responsibly, fella. 


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