A Match Made in Heaven

Don’t worry about A-Rod; Kobe’s got his back.

Don’t worry about A-Rod; Kobe’s got his back.

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The elite athlete club is a small one. The club of elite athletes, who most fans think of as complete pricks, is even smaller but few would argue that Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez are charter members. So it’s nice to know that the Laker’s guard and the Yankees third basemen are buddies. Asked about A-Rod’s benching in the ALCS (he’s hitting .130 with no RBIs in the postseason) Bryant revealed that he’d given his pal a pep talk.

“I just say to him, ‘You’re Alex Rodriguez. You’re A-Rod. You’re one of the best to ever do it,'” said Bryant. “We’re different, but you’re talking about, ‘He’s one of the best to ever play.’ I think really the difference is, sometimes he forgets he’s the best. … Where, I don’t.”

“We know what it takes to get to that level,” said Bryant. “The consistency, the sacrifice, the work ethic, the constant scrutiny, that’s something we all have in common — from golf to cycling to swimming to basketball to baseball.”

Not gonna lie, we kind of love the fact that these guys have each other’s backs. But we can’t help but wonder who else these two hang out with. Tiger, maybe? Roger Clemens? Lance Armstrong for sure. One thing’s for certain, despite the money, the rings and all the rest, that’s a club we would not want to be members of.

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