Mathew McConaughey’s Brother Named His Son “Miller Lyte”

And promptly won a year’s supply of free beer, because America.

It is with great joy that I share some news that’s been floating around the internet for years but only somehow just made it to our collective consciousness. 

Mathew McConaughey has a brother named Rooster. Rooster really loves beer. So much so, he named his son Miller Lyte McConaughey, after his favorite sudsy beverage. When promoting his new show, West Texas Investors Club (a more down-home version of Shark Tank, to put it kindly), Rooster evaluates potential entrepreneurs but is appalled at the suggestion he might enjoy a Heineken—god forbid he sip an import.

Disgusted with this attack on his integrity, he reveals he has a son named Miller Lyte. And although that’s been common knowledge for awhile, it prompted Miller Light to send him a “year’s supply” of the domestic brew.

The quotes, dear friends, are because this year’s supply—as reported by TMZ—is actually just 576 cans, about 1.5 a day. All current reports lead us to believe this will not be nearly enough.

But I’m proud to be an American, because at least I know I’m free to give my children ridiculous names, and set them up for a life of mockery and hangovers.

Photos by Christopher Polk / NBC