Matt Harvey Wears Lululemon Briefs

The Mets ace sat down with Maxim to discuss the rejuvenated Mets, what he looks for in a woman and his underwear game. 

Coming into this season, Mets pitcher Matt Harvey had a lot of questions to answer. Would he be able to return to stellar form after missing a season with Tommy John surgery? Could he lead the Mets to a playoff berth after years of mediocrity? Would he be able to inspire the other young pitchers on the staff to elevate their games, living up to almost insane expectations? With the Mets now gearing up for a pennant race, Harvey has answered all those questions, and more. Well, specifically, the questions we asked him below, at a special event organized by Axe, of which Harvey is promoting a hair care line.  

Coming out of the All-Star Break, did you have any sense that the Mets would be getting so much momentum?

I think all of us realized we needed a little bit of a break. We needed to recharge to push ourselves to get ahead of the Nationals. Those four days off we’re definitely needed. Once we got back, we knew the trade deadline was coming up and we heard rumblings that some moves were going to be made. But we didn’t want to wait for the good things to come, we wanted to push ourselves until it happened.

There’s a definite sense of camaraderie on the team this year. Is this the most tight-knit Mets team you’ve been a part of?

Everybody’s excited about getting to the ballpark. They’re excited about playing. When we get down by a couple of runs, we say, “Alright, let’s score twice as much as they just did.” It’s a different mentality. There’s no more panic, like there was in the past. If we see a team put up runs against us, we know we can get right back in there.

When Wilmer Flores thought he got traded at the deadline, he shed a few tears while playing the field. Having played with him for the past few seasons, and come up with him through the farm system, what was going through your head?

You can’t even imagine that feeling. He came here when he was sixteen years old, played with the Mets the whole time. He’s out there playing for his team. Everybody knew what was going on, and when it finally hit him, really that feeling has to be unimaginable. To then go out and hit that home run to win the game for us that weekend – you can’t even write a book that would be as perfect as that.

Axe brought you on to help them launch their hair care line for men, with the idea being that you’re in your “hair prime”. How does being in your “hair prime” feel like?

Obviously we have Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom, each with full locks. But for for me to partner up with Axe, I’m extremely excited about it. Hair prime is when you feel great, your hair feels great, and you have a time in your life to capitalize on that. I’m trying to get the team into it. Brought a bunch of it to the locker room.

You’re a pitcher. You have to show up every day to the games, but you only pitch every fifth. So you’re pretty fresh on off days. You live in Manhattan — what do you do on your  days off?

I’m a member of Liberty National Golf Course. I love to play golf. Or I’m checking out a Rangers game or a Knicks game. I love New York City food — so I’m looking for new restaurants to go to. I love seafood. I grew up near the ocean and was on a boat a lot.

As one of the most eligible bachelors in New York City, what are you looking for in a partner?

Support is the most important.  As much as I want to go on vacations and have fun all the time, I’m looking for someone who will support me and loves the game as much as I do.

And finally, boxers or briefs?

I wear lululemon briefs. They’re incredibly comfortable. They’re the only underwear I have in my drawer.

Photos by Mike Stobe/Getty Images