Matthew McConaughey Creates Cowboy Alter-Ego Bobby Bandito To Fight Coronavirus

The Oscar-winning actor says “it’s high time to catch this killer, ’cause we got more living to do.”


The way celebrities have volunteered their time and talent to help fight the spread of the novel coronavirus is, well, kind of heartwarming. It’s also occasionally funny and enjoyably weird. Like Matthew McConaughey and his new virus-fighting, face-mask-making cowboy character, Bobby Bandito.

Drawling Bobby is in the teaching business, just like the actor, who is an actual professor as well. He wants to help folks learn how to make their own masks, now that many are required to wear them out in public in many cities across the U.S., including the actor’s native Texas. 

“It’s high time to catch this killer,” he says in the video, referring to COVID-19, “’cause we got more living to do.”

He even nails up a “WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE” poster adorned with a depiction of the virus molecule. 

In an appearance on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, McConaughey explained to the host that Bobby has to “be a bandit to beat a bandit. He’s gotta be a little shady to beat this shady guy.”

McConaughey even invented a back story for meeting Bobby, saying that he “came across this guy nailin’ a Most Wanted sign into my tree.”

“I said, ‘What are you doin’ on my property?’” he continued. “He turned around and said, ‘I’m Bobby B. You never see me coming.'” 

With that, McConaughey instructed Colbert in making his own mask from a bandanna.

If Bobby Bandito’s bandanna method doesn’t do it for you, you can find detailed instructions on creating your own mask at