The Maxim and Body Fortress Campus Fitness Challenge Is Coming To A College Town Near You!


The Maxim & Body Fortress Campus Fitness Challenge will be stopping at the following schools*:

September 26th - University of Central Florida

September 28th - Florida State University

October 1st - Auburn University

October 3rd - University of Alabama Huntsville

October 8th - University of Kansas

October 11th - Arizona State University

October 12th - University of Las Vegas

October 15th - California State University Long Beach

October 18th - Riverside College

A series of (4) fitness driven challenges will be set-up where participants will move from one station to the next completing each challenge, prior to the challenges each routine will be demonstrated to show what would be required for it to be considered an official rep. Challenges will include the following:

Gravity Boot Challenge: Students will be placed in padded ankle restraints within a gravity exercise machine where they’ll be hoisted upside down to a fixed position where they must perform as many vertical sit-ups as they can within 1 minute.

Monkey Bars: Utilizing an 8’ x 15’  truss type structure with roped monkey bars running across the top participants will be required to climb across the structure back & forth as many times as they can within a 1 minute time period.

Vertical Leap: This routine will require participants to utilize their muscles to jump off the ground & touch an attached structure featuring various height measurements determining their score level based on how high each participant is able to leap.

Chin Up: Utilizing a freestanding chin up structure participants will have to raise their bodies with their chins reaching over the bar as many times as they can within a 1 minute time period.

*Dates and locations subject to change. Check back here for the most current information. 

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