Maxim Beer Awards: The Big Bottles

As Sir Mix-a-Lot knew, sometimes a man needs something to grab on to.

As Sir Mix-a-Lot knew, sometimes a man needs something to grab on to.

Old Abominable Barley Wine

Stoudts, Adamstown, PA

Availability: Limited, 13 states

Despite its name, this special-edition brew’s taste isn’t big, fuzzy, and scary, but caramel-like with

lots of toasted malt. And like most wines, it ages well, so try not to crack the bottle just yeti (sorry).

Steel Reserve High Gravity

Steel Brewing Co., Irwindale, CA

Availability: Year-round, nationwide

As one Urban Dictionary user puts it, “I have hallucinated and time-traveled under the influence of Steel Reserve.” OK. So that’s 40 ounces of time-travel juice for $2? Yes, please.


Victory Brewing Company, Downingtown, PA

Availability: Year-round, 29 states

Served in a hefty 25.4-ounce bot­tle, this amber-hued ale seduces you with fruit, seals the deal with a refreshing mouthfeel, then knocks you out with 12 percent alcohol con­-

tent. Now that’s a one-night stand.

St. Ides High Gravity

Saint Ides Brewing Co., Irwindale, ca

Year-round, nationwide

Like your ex, this malt liquor is somewhat harsh, with a fair amount of bitterness. Unlike your ex, it finishes crisp and refreshing, with a nice hop profile. Where was this analogy going again?

Kiwanda Cream Ale

Pelican Pub & Brewery

Pacific City, OR

Availability: Year-round, Oregon and by mail to certain states

Fruity and malty with a smooth finish, this rich, golden-hued beer has sophisticated flavor. But at 22 ounces, it ain’t too good to eff you up.

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