Maxim Gamer Girl Finalists

Sorry. This has nothing to do with Monopoly and Chess.

The Maxim Gamer Girl contest is down to the top three beautiful warriors.  Apologies to your Aunt, who despite being a fierce Draw Something competitor, didn’t quite have what it takes to make the list.

Now, the time has come to decide which girl has the most game. So check out their profiles, watch their videos and vote! 

Samantha aka “xosammyjoe”

Pompton Lakes, NJ

I first started gaming when I was 5 years old. My father bought me a SNES and a copy of Mario Paint. It’s been love ever since. I love playing ALL TYPES of games… I’ve played everything from WoW to COD (FPS’s… not really my thing) but my favorites (and true calling) are JRPG’s. I’ve played every Final Fantasy since 7, and tactics (although 10 will always be my favorite!)

I’m also here to represent the LARP-ing community. Yeah you heard right. I partake in a live action role-playing game named Dystopia Rising. D.R. is a post-Apocalyptic Zombie Larp set roughly 150 years in the future. It takes place monthly in Sparta, NJ.

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Danielle aka “TradeChat”

Rome, NY

Ohai ^____^ I’m Danielle. A lot of people know me as “Panser” from my youtube channel. I own every current gen console, but I am at heart a PC gamer. My favorite game is World of Warcraft. I have an entire youtube channel dedicated to WoW that has over 95,000 subscribers.

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Kaitlin aka “StrwbryShrtKate”

Auburn, MI

I’m from the small farm town of Auburn, Michigan. I’ve been a gamer ever since I could pick up a controller. My earliest memories are of playing Duck Hunt,Super Mario Bros., and Mike Tyson’s Punch Out with my dad and brother. I game everything from RPGs, MMO games, fighters, to racing games.

I guess I could say I started to seriously game when I was in 4th grade. It started with the original Call of Duty for the CPU. I started joining clans and playing in online scrims. I haven’t looked back since. Call of Duty still has a special place in my heart, and always will as my all-time favorite game. But when I’m playing alone, I love games like Metal Gear Solid (or anything else that can get my pulse racing).

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