Maxim Master Chef: Scallops Recipe

Check out Dale Talde’s delicious vanilla scallops!

Check out Dale Talde’s delicious vanilla scallops! 

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Seared Vanilla Scallops with passion fruit brown butter, watercress salad

U-10 Scallops8 pcs


Oil1 tablespoon

Lemon1 pcs

Goya passion fruit juice4oz

Chives3 tablespoon cut into 1 inch long batons

Watercress 1 bunch, cleaned and trimmed

Vanilla Beans6-8 beans, halved and hallowed out 

Salt and Pepperto taste

Method:  Halve the vanilla beans and remove the pulp from each half.  Carefully skewer the scallops on a stick, placing a halved vanilla bean shell in between each scallop. (For more ease cooking the scallops, you may want to use 2 skewers, each containing 4 scallops.) Season the outside of the scallops. In a really hot pan, sear the scallop skewers in the oil for 2-4 minutes (or until browned) on each side.  Once the scallops are properly seared on both sides, reduce heat and add butter to pan and baste the scallops in the butter.  After 2 minutes of basting, remove scallops and add passion fruit juice and squeeze fresh lemon juice into the pan with the browned butter and mix together.  On the plate add watercress and chopped chives. Then cut the scallops in half and place over the top of the greens, then dress the scallops and greens with the pan sauce from the scallops.  

(For this recipe, you only need the halved shells of the vanilla beans. You can discard the vanilla bean pulp or mix it into a cocktail.) 

See the Video!