‘The MICK Show’ Podcast Launches With D-Nice, JoJo, DeShaun Watson and More

Maxim taps DJ and entrepreneur MICK to interview today’s top creatives.

Mick Batyske

Mick Batyske is a music connoisseur, DJ, and serial investor. He’s a man with his feet planted at the intersection of culture and entrepreneurship. On The MICK Show podcast, presented in partnership with Fueled By Culture and Maxim, listeners get an inside look at the lessons learned by today’s top creatives. 

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Mick brings listeners behind the curtain while presenting key life lessons from a variety of musicians, actors, artists, athletes, and entrepreneurs. 

The Mick Show

He tells us, “My career has thankfully cultivated friendships and relationships with some of the world’s top creators and risk-takers, and I’m excited to present their stories on The MICK Show. The line up we have for season one is incredible.”

Each episode of The MICK Show was produced by Fueled by Culture, the cultural creative agency founded by former professional basketball player Marcus Damas. 

Marcus Damas

Marcus and his team spent countless hours fine-tuning the technical aspects of audio and video production as well as editing down each episode into a super interesting, 30-minute conversation between Mick and each guest. 

The MICK Show meets the fine line of where we all want the world to be,” Marcus says. “The show displays equality, diversity, happiness, motivation, and more. I couldn’t be happier than to be apart of the production of this show.” 

“Maxim regularly shines a light on the athletes, artists, entrepreneurs, models, and other creatives who are driving the culture, so it made perfect sense to collaborate with Mick and Marcus as we explored new content possibilities,” says Susan Kilkenny, Maxim’s SVP of Sales and Marketing. “All the pieces came together organically and I think we created a really unique series with a super interesting point of view that has massive appeal.”

Mick adds: “There are tons of amazing business and inspirational podcasts. There are legendary pop culture podcasts.” 

“However,” he continues, “my career exists because I’ve been able to succeed at the intersection of both of those worlds… and that’s what this podcast represents. Imagine if Guy Raz and Joe Budden magically had a baby. My goal in life is to be that uber-sarcastic and ruggedly handsome baby.”

First season guests on The MICK Show include:

The MICK Show launches September 16th with guest D-Nice. New episodes will be available every Wednesday morning at the podcast’s online home: MICK.co—or via your favorite podcast platform, including Anchor/Spotify.