Maxim Talks to Boober the Fraggle on the 30th Anniversary of “Fraggle Rock”

Doozers, gorgs, radish stew…If you’re old enough to remember Fraggle Rock, all of this makes perfect sense.

Doozers, gorgs, radish stew…If you’re old enough to remember Fraggle Rock, all of this makes perfect sense.

It’s the 30th anniversary of Jim Henson’s ground-breaking children’s program Fraggle Rock, and to mark the occasion, we spoke to Boober (above, right), one of the original Fraggles. Pick up the Fraggle Rock 30th anniversary collector’s edition box set—which includes all four seasons of the show on DVD (with all-new bonus content!), a plush Fraggle key chain, and an exclusive graphic novel—in stores today.

Can a Doozer ever find true happiness? 

Have you ever seen an unhappy Doozer? Those little guys love what they do!

What do Doozers eat?

I don’t know, but probably something with a lot of carburetor-hydrates to keep them going.

What does your average Fraggle do for employment?

Because we have to work an entire half hour every week, we each do something we’re good at. My job is doing the laundry.

Do you consider yourself to be mammalian, or an entirely different evolutionary offshoot?

I consider myself to be a Fraggle. Last I heard, we were at the top of the evolutionary chain and climbing.

Cave-dwelling species traditionally tend to rely on tactile senses and sometimes echo-location, but it seems that Fraggles have sight-based navigation. What’s up with that?

Since my eyes are under my hat, I personally use Boober-gation. It works every time.

What does Doozer scaffolding taste like?

It’s delicious. Want some?

How do Fraggles reproduce?

Reproduce what?

Give us your best radish recipe.

Here’s my recipe for radish stew: Take a radish. Put it in a pot. Stew it.

Boober, why so glum all the time?

Glum? I prefer to think of myself as sensible and realistic.

What’s the coolest place Uncle Traveling Matt visited? 

A place with lots of snow and ice. I’m cold just thinking about it.

What happened to the rest of the Gorgs? And just how old are they anyway? 

The rest of the Gorgs? You mean there are more??

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