Maxim’s Best Bits [11/11-11/15]

It’s Friday, which means we’re pretending to work until someone unlocks these chains to our desks. Here are some of our top posts from the week of November 11.

Photographed for Maxim by Sasha Eisenman | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2013

Maxim Military Pinup Girls

We’re breaking out the big guns in our salute to the military – four special photo shoots with four of our favorite girls. It’s guaranteed to make you stand at attention.

An Insider’s Guide to PlayStation 4

Everything you need to know about Sony’s console for the future.

10 Things We’re Guaranteed to See in the New Wahlberg Brothers Reality Show

Hint: They will be taking a trip to Southie.

8 Great Movies About Other Movies

Find out how some of your favorite (read: batshit crazy) movies were made!

How To Avoid Hosting The Holidays

Follow these steps, and you’ll never have to play “cater waiter” to your family again.

Is This What The New Kevin Smith-Approved Batman Suit Will Look Like?

Or will it just be Ben Affleck in a thong?

Jenna Jameson Returning to Porn!

Fingers-crossed for one of these 10 porn parody suggestions…

A Veteran Responds To Tom Cruise’s Claim That Acting Is Like Fighting In Afghanistan

Our resident vet’s take on Tom Cruise’s latest (if wildly out of context) gaffe.

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