Girls and gaming, all on the go!

Girls and gaming, all on the go!

(Photographed for Maxim by Jamie Chung | Licensed to Alpha Media Group 2012)

Hopefully, you already take Maxim on the go – with the magazine, the digital edition, etc – but we know that sometimes you just want to zone out with some portable gaming. You’re probably used to throwing birds at some pigs or slicing up fruit, but those days are gone and done with. We’re bringing you MAXIMUM ARCADE – mobile games for the Maxim man.

Revisit your roots with Max-man – a classic dot-chomping circle dude, conquer the table with Foosball, or test your Memory in the way that only we can. iPhone? We got it. iPad? Even better. AnDroid? You know it.

Three games, 99 cents, and all the Maxim style that you’d expect.