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May 2008 (#125)Elisha Cuthbert is the screen goddess next door. Plus: 300 movies to see before you die, Harrison Ford on […]

May 2008 (#125)
Elisha Cuthbert is the screen goddess next door. Plus: 300 movies to see before you die, Harrison Ford on Indy 4, X-Files 2‘s Gillian Anderson reveals all, and much more!


Elisha Cuthbert

She made your heart pound on


and cracked you up in

Old School

. now, With two killer movies about to hit theaters, Elisha Cuthbert is staking her claim As Hollywood’s new Queen.

300 Must-See Movies

We’ve compiled the ultimate cinematic to-view list—your Netflix queue just got visibly aroused!

True Romance: An Oral History

The all-star cast dishes the dirt about making one of the coolest films of all time.

Icon: Harrison Ford

Reveals secrets behind the whip, his famous fedora, and the new Indiana Jones movie.

The Super B’s

When the A-list is tapped, Hollywood should look to these second-tier superheroes.

The X Factor

Fanboys, start your obsessing: Gillian Anderson is back in the new X-Files flick.

The Modern Mob

Think the Mafia is dead? Our writer discovers a Mob that’s stronger than ever.


If It’s Out There, It’s In Here

The world’s worst graduation speakers, “e-mail bombs,” and Chuck Palahniuk writes about his newest flick.


Make Us Feel Loved—Or Hated

We sift through the mail for your finest props and put-downs, while Hiroki offers inappropriate advice on life and love.


Your Entertainment Authority

An all-access pass to

GTA IV’s Liberty City

, Death Cab for Cutie, and the inside dope on the new

Harold & Kumar



Advice for Everyday Life

Beef up your bachelor party, become a master debater (zing!), chef up a lobster roll, and

fly like Dwight Howard



Survive the Spring

Class up your act with the 30 essential items of spring, then ditch the kabala bracelet and upgrade your wrist-wear with our expert watch guide.


All The Things You Need to Know

The return of chicks on roller skates, the coolest running shoes on earth, and torture-tested video download services.