Mayhem is Everywhere in the “Mad Max” Gameplay Trailer

What a lovely day indeed.

Movie tie-in games are often  half-baked and sloppy, rushed out to cash-in on a blockbuster’s success (we’re looking at you “Bad Boys: Miami Takedown”). But from the look of latest gameplay trailer for “Mad Max”, which arrives in September, the wasteland is anything but hastily made. The apocalyptic landscape, “Assassin’s Creed“-style melee fight mechanics, and scorched-desert driving all seem like an appropriately brutal companion to George Miller’s cinematic universe. The trailer goes heavy on the car customization and combat in the sun-scorched open-world, and its art direction and overall tone have us drawing comparisons to everything from “Max Payne 3” and “Fallout” to Avalanche studio’s previous “Just Cause” series. We can’t wait to enter the Thunderdome.