Mayweather Sucks at Paying Fees, Loses Championship Title

He made $180 million off his famed fight with Pacquiao, and he couldn’t spare a measly $200K to keep the glory?

It was dubbed the Fight of the Century, and now Floyd Mayweather’s victory could be all for naught, as far as the official record is concerned.

According to a statement released by the World Boxing Organization, Mayweather has lost the welterweight championship title from his May 2nd fight with Manny Pacquiao. Why? Because he neglected to pay up on a mandatory $200,000 sanctioning fee, despite being given an extension from the WBO.

According to CNN, if he doesn’t appeal the decision, the title would likely go to Timothy Bradley, who recently won a match against Jessie Vargas last month.

Tough break, Floyd.

Photos by JOHN GURZINSKI/AFP/Getty Images