Guy Holding McLovin Poster at Music Festival Didn’t Realize the Real McLovin Was Standing Right Next to Him

This sh*t is absolutely hilarious.

Superbad superfan holding a McLovin poster at Michigan’s Electric Forest Festival got the shock of a lifetime when after realizing the real McLovin was standing next to him.

While brandishing a giant poster of McLovin’s famously fake Hawaiian ID from the 2007 comedy classic, the festivalgoer was oblivious to the fact that actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse, was standing right next to him trying not to lose his shit. 

Mintz-Plasse, looking virtually unrecognizable from his dweeby alter-ego with a beard and a tank top showing off some very un-Mclovin-like guns, stood next to him as a friend filmed the entire hilarious exchange. 

It’s pure gold to watch the guy with the poster get slightly weirded out by the dude dancing next to him, before realizing he’s not just some random weirdo hopped up on Molly…but rather the honorable McLovin himself.

We can only hope Mintz-Plasse approached with this iconic line:


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Watch it all go down in the video, above.

h/t Uproxx