This Insane Fool Made and Consumed a Leaning Tower of McRibs

Please, for the love of God, don’t try this at home.

Ah, the McRib, the love child of a hamburger and a charred BBQ pit. Questioned by most, loved by some — and absolutely treasured by at least one really hungry guy.

In a YouTube video titled “The McRib is Back Again, Bitches!” McRib devotee LtMkilla expresses his insatiable need to fill his arteries stomach with the elusive meat explosion, beyond stoked that the McRib is ready to party again after a short hiatus from the McDonald’s menu. “One McRib is not enough, okay? I could eat fucking 10 of these things,” he says through a mouthful of pork product and preservatives.

And he does just that. He eats 10 McRibs. Think about that: 10 McRibs, in all their saucy, gooey goodness, stacked in a feat of fast-food engineering. 

Just bask in it: a brave, insane soul devouring a Leaning Tower of McRib Guy Fieri style. “It’s so fucking good,” he says, rubbing the barbeque explosion on the video game character on his t-shirt. “He loves it!” Aw, sharing is caring.

The entire video is wild (and, you know, a little alarming) from start to finish, but hopefully the McRib sticks around a while longer so that we can enjoy other works of meat architecture by the McRib lovers of the world. Perhaps a McRib Colosseum or McRib Taj Mahal? We know LtMKilla can’t wait — and neither can we.


Zeynep Yenisey