Meet 3 Of Entertainment’s Most Exciting Breakout Stars

Keep your eye on these rising talents from the worlds of music, movies and social media.

I Am Boleyn

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As summer rapidly approaches, here’s an exclusive first look at three breakout stars who are rising up the ranks in music, social media, and movies.

I Am Boleyn

In music, one of today’s most talked about newcomers is UK synth musician I Am Boleyn

Coming off her smash single “Limit of Love,” I Am Bolyen fuses Lana Del Rey’s poise with Ellie Goulding’s passion to create a stirringly deep sound that’s all hers. She has sold out jam-packed shows from London to Los Angeles, proving that her music has mainstream and universal appeal.

A complete package with striking looks to boot, I Am Boleyn is getting ready to make a big introductory statement in the American market. Watch for the release of her hotly-anticipated new single “Just Friends,” out on all platforms June 14.

Naya Federman


In the acting vertical, few prospects have grabbed as much attention as teenage Israeli actress Naya Federman.

Known for her role in Nickelodeon’s Bed and Biscuit (which is also broadcast across Europe), Federman is being hailed in Israel as the next Gal Gadot-level talent and is slated to become a major draw for the big screen.

Although she is currently carrying out the rest of the Israel Defense Forces’ mandatory two-year service stint, Federman’s early success has bolstered her desires to move to the United States full-time upon completion and pursue major feature films.

Beyond her acting and military experience, Federman is also emerging as a star social media personality and building her own independent brand. Her Instagram page already has 125,000 active followers and generates a whopping 10 percent average engagement rate, which is  300 percent more than the industry average. 

Molly O’Malia


Another rising star poised for musical success this summer is Molly O’ Malia.

Only 17 years old, O’Malia has already built a massive Instagram following and has worked with major fashion and beauty brands. With a coquettish personality and a soulful voice, O’Malia is parlaying her social media stardom into musical success.

Originally hailing from Delaware, O’Malia is now working on her debut musical release in Los Angeles with platinum producer Warren “Oak” Felder (Demi Lovato, Alessia Cara, Kehlani), and is managed by Eric Galen, who helped other influencers-turned-artists Jack & Jack and Gabbie Hanna develop their first hits. 

Following in Rihanna’s footsteps, Molly is also embracing the world of beauty and fashion, where she is repped by Lipps LA, an agency with a roster that also includes Chiara Ferragni, Cardi B, Charlie Puth and Meek Mill.