Meet OnlyFans TV Travel Host Lauren Blake

The model and social media influencer has parlayed her OnlyFans success into a luxury travel show on the platform's TV service.
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Regulars on OnlyFans are likely familiar with Lauren Blake. The Bay Area-bred beauty is one of many who's been turning heads on the subscription-based social media platform, but not just by posting sultry pics and vids. 

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As one of a handful of creators who hosts their own series on OnlyFans TV, Blake takes viewers on tours of some of the most lavish and photogenic destinations in the world, from Dubai penthouses to Maldives cabanas.

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But Blake didn't get the OFTV gig solely because of her looks. After graduating Cum Laude from Arizona State University with a degree in biochemistry, Blake's medical school ambitions were shelved as she forayed into the world of luxury real estate.

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She now offers renters access to over 200 prestigious Los Angeles area properties, some of which are seen in the background of her eye-catching Instas by 725,000 followers. 

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Stream Blake's eponymous luxury real estate on OFTV, and check out highlights from the 'gram below: