Meet the NBA’s Craziest New Player

Former Ole Miss Rebel Marshall Henderson signed with the Sacramento Kings. The NBA will never be the same. 

During his two years as an Ole Miss Rebel, Marshall Henderson was college basketball’s most compulsively watchable and easily heatable player. Then he graduated and disappeared into the wilds of European basketball, never to be heard from again. 

Until now! In a move that signals a doubling down on head cases, the Sacramento Kings have signed Henderson, who immediately catapults past teammate DeMarcus Cousins into the role of the league’s most unpredictable player. This all assumes Henderson actually earns a spot on the Kings’ roster, but if he scores even half as well as he did in college, that shouldn’t be an issue. 

If there is an issue with Henderson it’s his attitude and his decision making, which got him in trouble even before he graduated high school. As a senior, Henderson landed on probation after trying to buy weed with counterfeit money. Then he violated that probation after testing positive for a litany of drugs. He’s also an unrepentant homophobe.  

So, those are the off-the-court problems. What about on the court? Henderson was a dynamic scorer in college but his game was always overshadowed by his antics. Like the time he was kicked out of a game for punching a BYU player. 

And the time he threw ice at fans who, to be fair, threw ice at him first.

And the time he mocked Florida fans by doing the gator chomp after knocking down a three. 

And the time he celebrated a three in the NCAA tournament by taking a hit from an imaginary joint and later walked off the court flipping two birds to the crowd. 

And lastly, the time he went absolutely bananas taunting the Auburn crowd, inspiring what is likely the greatest set of fan reactions ever captured in a single GIF.

Photos by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images​