Meet Rising Singer Willow Sias

The beautiful up-and-coming singer recently launched Eye Bar, an optical boutique that caters to celebrity clients including Jennifer Lopez and Keanu Reeves.

(Antoine Verglas)

“You already know I’m the queen of kings,” proclaims Willow Sias in the hook of her first single. A bold claim for a brand-new artist, but the confidence is warranted.

Queen of Kings” hit No. 8 on iTunes’ R&B/Soul chart when the track debuted in mid-January, putting Sias in the company of Usher, Mary J. Blige and other stars of the genre for that charting period. In fact, Sias seems to have a knack for finding instant success in new ventures.

The beautiful up-and-coming singer, who originally hails from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, recently relocated to Beverly Hills to start a new business dubbed Eye Bar. The optical boutique has already attracted a host of celebrity clients, including Jennifer Lopez, Keanu Reeves and Rick Hilton of the Hilton Hotels empire. (Check out @eyebarbh on Instagram for proof.)

In one arena or another, it seems that Sias is destined to become royalty. Get to know her better on IG @willowwbarbie, or by simply reading our interview here.

How can someone catch your attention?

Food is truly the way to my heart. Cooking for someone or cooking together is a wonderful bonding experience.

How do you let a guy know you’re interested?

If I’m interested, he’ll definitely know it.

(Antoine Verglas)

Tell us about your dream date.

A first date that includes being whisked away in a private jet for a weekend of shopping, gambling and fine dining.

Who’s your biggest celebrity crush?

Henry Cavill…enough said.

What’s hot on your current music playlist?

We’d have to start with my song, “Queen of Kings.” I have a lot of Dua Lipa, Jessie Reyez and Mariah the Scientist on my playlists, too.

What have you been watching lately?

I’ve recently been turned on to Star Trek—I was originally a Star Wars girlie. Now I love them both! I just watched the movie Poor Things with Emma Stone. She absolutely deserved her Academy Award.

Do you have a favorite sports team?

I was a professional sports bettor, so I try to be unbiased. But being from North Carolina, the Panthers have my heart.

What fashion brands do you like to wear?

I love Dior, Louboutin and I’m not hating on Hermès either. I love embracing my femininity.

What foods are you obsessed with?

I’m a carnivore; I’ve never said no to a juicy filet mignon. Don’t forget the sides and pass on the salad. Although I love fine dining, my guilty pleasure is Taco Bell.

No. 1 travel destination?

For a true vacation, I love Jamaica or southern Italy. For a quick weekend trip, I love taking a quick flight to Las Vegas.

This article originally appeared in the May/June 2024 issue of Maxim magazine.