Meet Ukrainian Model/Actress Adel Vakula

“I don’t have a specific type in terms of appearance. It’s more likely that I’m drawn to specific talents.”

(Antoine Verglas)

When shining a spotlight on a rising star, we generally highlight their most alluring and/or notable work, including their most impressive fashion campaigns, greatest acting roles and other sensational professional experiences. Like our other subjects, Adel Vakula’s acting and modeling careers are burgeoning in a big way—you can follow her @v_a_k_u_l_a on Instagram to see what we mean.

(Antoine Verglas)

But it’s also worth noting that she’s a Ukrainian national who fled the capital city of Kyiv following the Russian invasion. Speaking to us from Monaco, Vakula says, “Though things are going well for me, I deeply worry for my country. It’s hard to grasp that in this war, we’re losing friends, husbands, fathers, loved ones, and innocent civilians. Many have had to relocate, practically losing everything. Starting over is tough, both mentally and physically. Many people are emotionally shattered.”

Vakula is keeping a stiff upper lip though, and doing what she can to help her compatriots from abroad. She asks everyone to “be patient with our people who have had to move to your country and to help them as much as you can if they need it. I know from personal experience how hard it is.”

(Antoine Verglas)

Serving as an example to us all, this beauty clearly has her priorities straight. With that, get to know Vakula a littler better via our interview below:

How do you let someone know you’re interested?

I’ll start investing my time and attention in a specific person. And there’s a big difference between that and just being friendly or polite.

Tell us about your dream date.

I describe my ideal date differently every time, because I keep getting to go on my dream dates! Right now, I’m thinking of Japan. I dream of visiting a local, intimate restaurant open exclusively for us, trying all the chef ’s specialties and a box of fresh sea urchin roe, along with some sake. Afterwards, we’d stroll through the city and fall asleep in a traditional Japanese tatami room.

Very specific! Is sea urchin roe a favorite of yours?

Yes, along with foie gras and spinal cord on the bone. If you can make me three small burgers, each with one of these three ingredients, I’m yours forever.

What do you look for in a partner?

I don’t have a specific type in terms of appearance. It’s more likely that I’m drawn to specific talents.

What’s on your favorite music playlist?

In the past, I’ve been all about electronic music, but as I’ve calmed down, so have my musical tastes. Right now, I’m going crazy for the track “Night Vision” by Mareux.

(Antoine Verglas)

What TV shows and movies have you been watching lately?

The latest series I watched was Dark on Netflix. As for movies, I practically watch everything that comes out in theaters. Most of all, I love watching live broadcasts of Formula 1 and Formula E races.

Which F1 team do you root for?

Red Bull Racing is just amazing!

What fashion brands are your favorites?

It’s Yves Saint Laurent and Dior for me. When I was in Morocco, I visited Yves Saint Laurent’s villa. I was in awe of the collections, the atmosphere, and the villa itself! I bought a coffee table book there, and I often find inspiration in it. I also attended the Dior exhibition in London and was equally amazed by those wearable works of art.

Favorite travel destination?

I’ve been to many places, but the best memories come from the company you’re with. For me, that place is Croatia! Every summer, my friends and I used to go there for a month of vacation. It’s a place I always want to return to.

(Antoine Verglas)

This interview was edited for length and clarity.