The ‘Mega Man Legacy Collection’ Is the Ultimate in Retro Gaming

Turn your Nintendo Switch into a time machine.

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Credit: Capcom

A classic retro collection of an iconic 8-bit character and a remake of a WiiU game with Nintendo’s most famous heroes make it another good week to be a Switch owner.

Mega Man Legacy Collection

Returning to the Nintendo family that originally presented him to the world, the Mega Man Legacy Collection arrives on the Nintendo Switch so you can play through the iconic blue robot’s best adventures on your couch or on the go. The Legacy Collection brings together all the original 8-bit wonder of Mega Man’s first ten outings. (Yeah, they really made that many games back then.) 

The collection itself is split into two parts, with 1-6 coming on the cartridge itself and 7-10 being included as a downloadable code. Not only are you getting your hands on the still-challenging original retro games, but the Mega Man Legacy Collection also includes some new features on top of it, from time trials to remix challenges to a music player to a stash of the original art. There’s also a new rewind feature, allowing gamers to back up their game after fuck ups that leave MM adrift in particle permadeath. 

Frankly, we think rewinding is bullshit; you can’t truly appreciate the challenge of Mega Man, or bask in your mutual success, without consequences. Then again, there’s no reason to alienate newcomers with Mega Man’s insane difficulty… and pitching a controller into a wall, like MM caused many to do back in his retro infancy, was a lot less costly than doing it today with your Switch. Even with rewind, The Mega Man Legacy Collection may still cause blind rage. You’ve been warned. (Buy)

Honorable Mention

Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition

The week of Switch continues with another under-appreciated Nintendo WiiU game finding new life on the Switch. Hyrule Warriors takes the Dynasty Warriors formula and skins it with tons of beloved characters and power-ups from the Zelda universe. The result is a game that really does deliver the best of both worlds, pulling us in with the objective-based combat and keeping us there because you get to play as Zelda and Link. 

The Definitive Edition includes all game modes, skins, characters and upgrades. There’s also local 2-Player for friends sharing a Switch but Hyrule Warriors Definitive Edition inexplicably omits any option for two gamers, each with their own Switch, to play together. It’s a niche problem, and one that’s easily forgiven when you realize just how awesome it is to play this one solo. (Buy)